About 6 million Australians reported suffering from a chronic respiratory disease in 2004–05 including asthma (AIHW, 2010).

Asthma is a chronic disease that effects the respiratory system. It causes chronic inflammation of the airways and when stimulated, causes the airways to overreact by narrowing too easily and too much. The smooth muscles in the airways contract and the airway walls release fluid which results in reduced airflow to the lungs (Poulos, 2009). Asthma is an ongoing health issue and in children is the most common cause of trips to the emergency room. It is estimated that one out of every 8 to 9 children in Australia will suffer from asthma... you are not alone!( 1116253839039.button_asthma-movie.gif Click here to see a video of what happens during an asthma flare up.


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